A little bit about me:

My name  is Sadeq Saleh and I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Cornell University, where I work with Professor. Sobahni. By training I'm a mechanical engineer and mostly use CAD and programming skills for product design, micro-fabrication, and research and development. Additive Manufacturing (i.e. 3D printing) is the main topic of my research. In the past six years I have developed new methods for fabrication of very small objects and devices for biomedical applications, micro-electronics, and battery systems.

Besides that I enjoy running and swimming a lot and a huge fan of Judo martial arts.

A little bit about what I do:

Since my graduation from Carnegie Mellon University with a PhD in mechanical engineering, I have been heavily involved in fighting climate change by making devices called CO2 Reduction Reactors (CO2RR). These are devices that take the CO2 directly from atmosphere and turns them to valuable products. Here at Cornell University, I design experiments and follow scientific methods to optimize the Gas Diffusion Layer being used in CO2RRtechnology. No need to say these membranes are 3D printed!

Curious to know more? Here is a short clip me talking about the software side of the project. You can find even more if you browse the project list from the top menu and look for CO2RR project.

I use CAD and CFD tools to design efficient chemical reactors.

How to contact me:

Email: saleh AT Cornell DOT edu
Office: 373 Upson Hall
Ithaca, NY

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