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nTopology Command Line

nTopology offers a set of command lines to process a workflow stored in .ntop file without opening the GUI. Among the packed commands the capability to pass the inputs and receive outputs in JSON format is the most exciting command line in my opinion.

nTopCL - Application to Design of Experiment

I was tasked with processing a huge number of sample design and fabrication based on a Design of Experiment table which had about 30 samples and each sample required 10 STLs to build the entire sample. This meant repeating a process that was very prone to mistakes for at least 300 times and if the DOE table needed to be adjusted I had to start from scratch. The command line capability of nTopology allowed me to Automatize this process and avoid many mistakes happening further down the road.

In the following two videos, Calvin explains how to use the code from basic branch on the git hub link above.


This program takes a DOE table in .csv format containing the dimensions of 10 micro-channels in a sample and generate separate .stl files for each micro-channel. Later merge this .stl files with the compartment and generates the tool path for Nanoscribe printer.

1) DOE Table for All the Samples
DOE table.PNG
Custom Blocks takes in the Dimensions from .csv File
DOE Dimensions to Custom Block.png
3) STL Files Generated for 10 Micro-Channels
Micro-channels STL.PNG
4) Build the Compartment and Merge the Micro-Channels
Compartment STL.PNG
5) Generate the Tool Path for Nanoscribe GT2 in Describe
Tool Path in Nanoscribe.png

To learn more about how to install and use this program follow this link.